Meet The Team

This group of ladies stumbled across each other forming a family-like bond that no other place could hold. Among the quick-witted, light-hearted humor and laughter carried throughout the studio, the girls provide love, strength and guidance for one another. This place could never be what it is today without each beautiful soul.

Korie Bell
Owner and Founder

Hello, I'm Korie Bell, owner and founder of Studio ell. B, who most once knew as Brow and Arrow. Having a love for the beauty industry since high school, I found a passion for making individuals feel most gorgeous by enhancing their natural beauty.

Fun fact:
I really am looking at your brows when we speak.

Linda Bunch
Hair Stylist

A heart of gold and years of experience in the skin and hair industry, Linda's knowledge overpowers most in this industry, specializing in anything from bayalage to dermaplanning, she can find everything you are looking for to look and feel your best.

Fun fact:
Or in this case, not so fun. Linda's love for 4-5 inch stilettos came to an end when she, oh so gracefully, tumbled down ankle first. Linda now shows off her flats in style.

Presley Taylor
Eyebrow, Lash and Make-Up Artist

Starting out young, Presley expressed at her high school graduation just how much she would love to be a brow artist. Little did she know the opportunity was right under her nose. With two jobs, and a few hurdles on the way, Presley didn't give up on her dream. She finished school with more knowledge than most and works hard every day. Presley has a heart of gold. She loves her family more than anything. Anyone who meets her is sure to fall in love with her stunning appearance and also her gorgeous heart.